Sunday, 16 November 2014

Chia Berry Sauce for Waffles or Pancakes

Another post about food! But no big surprise there - when it comes to healthy living I really love the nutrition aspect of it. Harry, on the other hand, is more passionate about the actual working out part, which I'm finding difficult to integrate into my schedule.

So this morning for breakfast - after searching high and low for any recipe - I finally decided on waffles. I chose this recipe because I've made it before: approved to be quick, easy, and even non-stick! Unfortunately, we didn't have any spelt flour (which I have successfully subbed for the all-purpose flour) and so I tried the recipe with a combination of buckwheat and all-purpose gluten-free flours. Not recommended.... the waffles tasted pretty doughy and were incredibly dense.
However - the berry sauce on top with a variety of other possible toppings really made up for it!

Chia Berry Sauce

My waffle with chia berry sauce
  1. In a pot, dump in some frozen fruit. This time we had a mixture of fruits handy, but it could be only blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc.
  2. Add a bit of water and cover with a lid to cook soft. I turned mine up on high until it was nice and steamy, then brought the temperature down to low.
    You may want to add some sugar if you have a sweet tooth, or depending on the fruit you chose. I liked this sauce without.
  3. Once the fruits are nice and soft, add in some chia seeds while stirring to prevent clumping. Add in slowly so that you can stop once the seeds have gelled up nicely and the sauce is as thick as you like.

I love this easy "recipe" simply because it's so quick and healthy. The chia seeds add a fun "gelly" texture and lots of extra nutrition.

Now - the pretty picture you see above is my plate. I like keeping my toppings rather simple, at most mixing in some chocolate almond spread with the berry sauce on my waffles today.
Harry's plate is a different story. It's a delicious, sweet mess... 
If I remember correctly that's a combination of: raisin cinnamon peanut butter, chocolate almond butter, maple syrup and, obviously, the berry sauce.

How do you eat your waffles? Loaded or limited toppings?

- Jessica

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