Wednesday, 4 March 2015

30 day Yoga Challenge - Day 3

So, I am 3 days into a 30 day yoga challenge offered by That Yoga Place. Unfortunately I started off the challenge sick with a cold, but the warm yoga classes have worked out well for me. In fact, I'd say that they have helped me get over my cold - the deep breathing along with gentle exercise seems to be exactly what my body needed. 

Today was the first day back at a hot flow yoga class! (I've actually only gone to warm yoga classes three times...) Today's class was great, and despite my congestion I was able to breathe deeply through my nose during the class. Success.
Also, I was finally able to hold the position shown in the picture for a while today! It's incredibly hard to do when you're dripping with sweat...

So far 3 for 3 in this yoga challenge. I'm not planning on missing any days. :)


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