Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Homemade smoothies are
delicious and nutritious!
Drinking for Beauty...
Glow from the inside out by avoiding sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are drinks with lots of added sugar. The sugar is not added by you, it is part of the drink you buy. This makes it tricky to know just how much sugar you are drinking.
Sugary drinks like pop are high in energy but low in nutrients:
Extra energy from sugars = body stores as fat
No nutrients = poor growth
Sugar in drinks also gives you cavities. This means longer dentist visits... Sugar may also slow down your learning and memory.

Pop vs. Milk or Water:

Coca-Cola Nutrition label
Avoid any added sugars!! 
Healthy Drinks:

  • water
  • water infused with fruits etc. (eg. lemon water)
  • milk (raw is best in my opinion...)
  • homemade smoothies!
  • teas
  • fermented drinks like kombucha
In moderation: 100% juices, bought flavored waters or milks
Best to avoid: Pops, fruit punch, powdered drink mixes, cocktails

Craving fizzy drinks? Try 100% fruit juice with seltzer.
Looking for something warm? Heat up a mug of milk, then melt a teaspoon of honey in it. Delicious!
Water too boring? Add sliced strawberries to your water. Shake. Enjoy the flavoured water!

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