Friday, 3 April 2015

30 day Yoga Challenge - Complete!

It's been a busy month! I was able to complete all 30 days of yoga (see my day 3 update here). I feel so much stronger, flexible, and overall balanced. Sometimes it was inconvenient to set aside an hour plus driving for yoga and for myself, but in the end it was always worth it.
As a bonus, that yoga place is giving anyone who successfully completed the challenge another 30 days free. Woohoo :)

And I'm happy to say that I can now hold myself in the crow position for a fair while! At the beginning of this challenge I couldn't even get myself up...

I'm currently working on my headstands.

 See how I got my legs up a bit? That's so exciting!! But I'm pretty terrified of holding my feet up right over my head so I'll need to work on trusting my body as well as strength.

The cat in the background is our beloved Silver... relaxing in the sun :)
Isn't he just adorable??

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